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Our company is engaged in manufacture of metal bouts - steel and aluminium. First of all it is motor yachts constructed in accordance with projects of European designers. These are fine seaworthy qualities and the highest quality of furnish. Except for that furnish and a complete set depend exclusively on desire of the customer - we apply the best accessories and materials.

Aluminium boats which are made  by our shipyard differ high seaworthy qualities, excellent controllability and a maneuverability. Because of that the sizes of boats offered by us from 7 m are not while mass in the Russian market, we build them to order. It allows to satisfy most full all wishes of the buyer, but also each boat is made with the maximal quality and accuracy.

In parallel with the basic manufacture of courts, we build pontoons for the organization yacht parking, the device of floating constructions - cafe, summer residences, baths, garages. These are as much as possible functional, simple and reliable products possessing a wide field of application. Thus quality of their manufacturing and applied materials are at the same high level, as well as at construction of courts.

An office of the company: 46, avenue Primirskiy, St.-Petersburg, (in territory of a factory "Redan" near to the underground "Staraya Derevnya") (map).

Manufacture: 1, avenue Krasniy, Shlisselburg (map)

Моторная яхта ОХТА 12002
Motor Yacht
EURO 1200

Моторная яхта ОХТА 14002
Motor Yacht
EURO 1400

Моторная яхта ОХТА 13007
Motor Yacht
EURO 1300

Алюминевый катер ОХТА 21
Alluminium boat

Понтоны для кафе
for cafe

Понтоны для яхтенных стоянок
for marine

Special boats
Специальные суда
 working, fishing, 

crew, diiving

Алюминевый катер ОХТА 24
Alluminium boat 



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